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Answers to our most popular questions are below. If you have any additional questions or comments you would like to share, please complete the Contact Form and Eric will get back to you ASAP.


Q: What happened to The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game?


A: The best-case scenario happened! Moose Games, the family gaming innovation division of the award-winning Moose Toys brand, acquired the Worst-Case Scenario license. You can learn more here

Q: Your games look like the greatest games in the world. Where can I buy them?


A: Our games are widely distributed at 5,000+ stores (big and small) and available at our Amazon Storefront (prices may vary).

Q: I am a specialty store and would love to carry your insanely great games. How can I buy them wholesale?


A: We recently partnered with Faire as a one-stop solution for specialty stores looking to buy our games wholesale. If you're new to Faire, it's easy to set-up an account. Plus, you'll get great terms and free shipping for a year. Just visit to start shopping. If you prefer working with Eric directly, complete/send the contact form above and Eric will get back to you ASAP. 

Q: Can I purchase individual components for one of your life-changing games?


A: Nope! We no longer sell individual game components (boards, cards, pads, dice, etc.). BUT...rules for all our games and free answer/score sheets (from our games that contain answer/score pads) are available on our Rules & Components page. 

Q: I cannot solve your supremely fun and eminently challenging The "Official" 9-Piece Puzzle! Can you please help me before I lose my mind?


A: That puzzle can be a doozy. Hints and solutions can be found here. Please don't share these hints/solutions online!

Q: Do you accept outside game submissions?


A: Nope. All of our games are developed in-house, but we wish you all the luck in the world!

Q: I have one of your amazing games that is not shown on this website. How come?


A: Sometimes our license agreements end and we need to stop distribution on games (The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game, What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar, our Big Lebowski games, and Rob Delaney's War of Words). Sometimes we make new, better versions of a game (former Awkward Family Photos, Meet Your Match, and Loaded Questions games.) Other times, public demand did not justify continued production (Loaded Answers, Mr. Hu Said What?, Words of Wiz-Dumb, Group Photo, Busy Bodies, The Greatest Day Ever Game, and others for which we're too embarrassed to take ownership).

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